Patriot Ale - 2 
English Bitter - Daily Drinker
Sister of Carmelite Blonde Ale
Blonde Ale with Toasted Sugar (Dry Carmelized)
Cask Ale #2
Invert #3 Brown made with Demerara Sugar 
Mild - El Mexicano
Invert #3 Brown with Piloncillo (Panela)
Edward the 8th's Special Bitter
House of Windsor & Hanover - Using Crystal, Blend of Roasted Malts and German Hops 
Rauchen Pistole
Smoked Wheat Beer with the Smoking Gun
Nitro - Ruddles Next Best Bitter
1996 World Beer Cup - Gold Cup Winner - subbed Northdown, Bramling Cross, Fuggles, Kent Golding
Rauch Weizen
Smoked Pale Malt & Wheat;   Apple wood 170-200, 5lbs
Sorachi Ace - Smashbier
Single Malt and Single Hop - S.M.A.S.H
Holiday Spiced Old Ale
Uncommon Carmel Cream Ale
Amber Hybrid Style, California Common, with lot of malty carmel goodness. 
Olde Maple Brown Ale
Home Made Smoked Malt & Amber Malts
Spring Smash Pale Ale
Single Malt & Single Hop - S.M.A.S.H.
Herr Bambergermeister
Beer is Food! - Rauchbier with home smoked grain.
Miller Licht Bier
Light Beer - With Dry Hopping and AE in Secondary
Cask Ale #1
Invert #2 Golden made with Cane Sugar 
Haus Amber - English
Extract - Excellent California Uncommon - Exceeds Style Guildlines
Miller Lite - Triple Hopped
Barley Pop - The Wonder Bread of Beer
Cask Ale #1
Invert #2 Golden made with Cane Sugar 
Patriot Ale
English Bitter - Daily Drinker
Cask Ale #2
Invert #3 Brown made with Demerara Sugar 
Chrysanthemum Wheat
American Wheat Beer with Chrysathemum
Dirty-Bunny Dogbeer
Light Pale Ale - I've only had one in Dog Beers
Maggies Drawers
Mild Brown Ale - Panty Dropper
Red Herring Ale
Makes you find an excuse to drink more.
Cask Ale #1 - Party-Gyled
Invert #2 Golden made with Cane Sugar 
Donald for Prezident
Making Beer Great Again - Belgian Pale Ale
Millennium Rauchbock
Ray Daniels Recipe made for Weihenstephan University for NYE 2000
Coconut Red Ale
Dirived from Two Bridges Marzen/Octoberfest
Farquad's Heavy
Marty Nachel's Bag Pipes Scottish Heavy
HilLAIRy for Prezident
Fighting for Another Beer - Cornstarch Amped Pale Ale
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