American IPA
A high-alcohol, highly hopped beer with a spicy floral citrus hop nose and flavor
German Hefeweizen
A traditional Bavarian malty wheat beer with banana and clove flavor
American Pale Ale
An amber-colored ale with a spicy floral citrus nose and smooth malt finish
German Pilsner
A brilliant bright lager with a fantastic hop nose
English ESB
A deep, amber orange beer with a fruity nose and balanced bitterness
English Nut Brown Ale
Just popping out to walk the dog, love
Irish Extra Stout
A dark, roasted beer with balanced bitterness and a creamy, white head
Belgian Dubbel
A creamy, malty strong abbey ale with flavors of dark fruits
Belgian Witbier
A light, refreshing wheat beer flavored with orange and coriander
Belgian Tripel
A golden abbey ale with a high alcohol content and fruity citrus notes
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